Yogg-Saron Down!

Hi guild,

A short and satisfying update. Yogg-Saron went down tonight at approximately 2130hrs realm time for us. After weeks of wiping, we finally got the hang of phase 3 and down he went! Congratulations to everyone who was part of the kill and who worked tirelessly week after week to learn the encounter and down him! As a special thank you, we’ve added 35KP to everyone in the guild! Congratulations everyone!


We finished up the night going for the 4 minute Ignis kill achievement and succeeded! Well done again everyone – I’m now willing to try XT Hard Mode this week! Start reading up!

In other news, I’ve managed to fix the forums. And no, I haven’t learned from my mistake. Expect them to go down again some time next week.

Also, newsworthy: Dark Glare recently downed Algalon and Millisz celebrated by playing a prank on Mercus. She race changed him to a female dwarf. Here is a screenshot for us to lol at.


Stay frosty everyone,