We Iced Sindragosa

Yeah. I tried a pun. And I liked it.

Ahem! After a long, gruelling path, involving cancelled raids, blood, sweat, tears, and many a pun, we killed Sindragosa! While we’ve been banging our heads on her platform for a few weeks now, the combined learning nights added up to a very good night. A couple of attempts to get us all orientated and focused, and we had her on our fourth attempt. The players that were new to the encounter learned very quickly, and should be very proud of themselves.

But! This isn’t all! Our Paladin Class Leader, Ðaz, also got the Sindragosa portion of the Shadowmourne quest chain completed! Congratulations, Ðaz! We’re all really happy for you!

Present at the Kill were:  Zelcandor, Abados, Woodhammer, Ðaz, Ashlaen, Ishsah, Falkyr, Hopper, Mirthe, Thonaw, Gracewondira, Deadren, Rauma, Caenerys, Christol, Aecus, Newenna, Brixia, Bor de Wolf, Antares, Mooffy, Londria, Virmagnus, Eamara, Catulla and Vortega.