The Healer and the Herald, Chapter One

The following story is all true, all the events were roleplayed out with no forward planning and it is, to my mind, the most fun I have ever had in a video game. I present to you the story of Halera Dawndreamer and Ishsah Winterspear , Otherwise known as:

The Healer and the Herald

Foreword by Richter Kless, Scribe of the Stormwind library.

Sirs, I enclose here the last known coppy of the manuscript entitled “The Healer and the Herald”. Originally written as an allegedly historical account of events that took place before the Dark Portal opened the way to Outland. I find this hard to believe as such recent events would surely have been better documented. The only piece of evidence i have found that corroborates this tale is an official document in the possession of the Stormwind Guild register. The Guild known as the “Knights of Lordaeron” and many of the names in this tale are there. If this is more than coincidence then may the light have mercy on our souls, as I fear the creature described here could be the end of us all.

R.K. – Stormwind library.

nullChapter 1

In these dark times, many turn to tales of brave knights slaying evil beasts for comfort. The tales give the people hope for their future, and encourages them to take up arms to defend their lands and fellows. Such tales are not true. The brave knight does not always defeat the evil creature, save the heroine and ride off into the sunset. The tale contained here is true, the events transpired, and the creature described here exists still. Fear the shadows, children, because something wholly evil lurks within them.

Our tale begins in the Temple of the Moon in Darnassus. Amongst the Night Elves of that place are a special group of the elder priests, those of great faith and devotion to the moon god Elune. Many were told secrets of the temple, privy to information that the lower orders were not. Others given holy quests, to retieve lost items or spread the word of Elune to the rest of the world. And there were those given great artifacts to keep, artifacts that were deemed too dangerous to keep on the temple grounds, items that would be best destroyed but could not be for their significance.

Halera Dawndreamer, an Elder of the Temple of the Moon was one such elf. A devoted priest and Prophet, she was loyal and faithful enough to be gifted an item. Not an artefact from the wars with the legion, nor an item that radiated any dark powers but a simple piece of parchment. yellowed with age and written in an indecipherable script, said to be torn from a wicked book of Demonology. Halera never knew where it came from or who had written it, but she was told to protect it with her life. She was charged to take the page from Darnassus to where no one could find it, and to keep it hidden at all costs. She swore an oath to Elune to never allow the page to fall into dark hands, and left her homeland.


The dark hands that created the page however, were already searching. Isksaroth the Dark, Warlock and loyal servant of the Burning Legion, gathered his loyal minions to his side. The Dead Rose, Cultists and Murderers to a man, were on the move. Iskaroth called to them and promised whoever found the page and brought it to him would be rewarded with power beyond any they could imagine. The spread across the world like a blight, searching out the page and its carrier.

Halera had found her way to Stormwind, having heard much of the city from travellers and traders in Darnassus. There she fell in with a band of knights known as The Knights of Lordaeron. Paladins and warriors of noble birth and hired mercenaries who fought the Scourge and all things evil. Amongst them she was surprised to see others of her race, Druids, Warriors, and a Hunter named Ishsah Winterspear. With a red lens covering her eye and a strange-looking sword across her back, she was a strange elf, but despite this the two formed a close bond, the Priestess aiding the hunter many times in her battles and adventures, and in turn, the Hunter sharing the burden of the priestesses appointed task. They talked long about the page and its possible powers, although Halera never revealed where she had hidden it, as she had promised.

The Dead Rose’s search for the Page had proven fruitless and although the Priestess was known to have the page in her possession, her whereabouts were unknown to even his best agents. She was always one step ahead of them, and Iskaroth cursed her name a thousand times. Loyal servants to the Legion decided to call in favors of their allies, their spies and followers were woven into the everyday workings of the city of Stormwind, messages were sent, runners forwarded, rituals and rites and pacts created. A gathering was called of the Rose along with all the followers of the Legion. Deadwind Pass, and the dark tower of Karazhan was the appointed meeting place, and at the stroke of midnight those gathered there heard Iskaroth speak, to hear the plan he had formulated.

The Herald of the Burning Legion was summoned, the Demonic creature that had first drawn the Legion to Azeroth thousands of years ago, hidden from the mortal races and now summoned into action by the Warlocks of the Dead Rose. As the summoning ritual reached its conclusion, an Elven figure stepped through the portal, and spoke to those assembled in the tower.

“You have called me here this night for a reason, I know of your search for this page, and I know how it can be obtained. You shall have your page, Iskaroth, all I ask is that the Priestess Halera is left to me, alive and left to my mercy to do with as I chose.”

The pact was sealed and the plan set into motion, recently acquired allies within the Scarlet Crusade, still fresh from the battles with the scourge they acted without question upon the information given. Told through whispers and pleas for aid they were that a traitor walked through the halls of Stormwind’s grand Cathedral of Light. A Servant, no less of the Legion, in disguise, acting for them against the Priests, an assassin in the midst of the most Devout of Stormwind. The zealots acted with all haste. The assassin they were told, a Kaldorei woman, a Priestess by the name of Halera Dawndreamer.

Chased from the Churches was the Priestess, Her ability’s of Foresight and an Night Elven gift of Shadow melding, along with her allies and fellow guild members in the Knights of Lordaeron the only things saving her the night the Crusaders came for her. She did not understand quite why they came, only that they did with the maddened glint in their eye, swords drawn that would not fare well to stand and talk and question them of. Halera fled, to the outskirts of Stormwind. Hidden away and guarded by her loyal friends, the High Guardians of the Knights Alfos de Lerac and Benidict Dalian. But the shield the Church had offered her, a shield from the Dead Rose and Iskaroth the dark had been taken from her. They hounded her for days, but the Priestess evaded them time and time again.

It was dark the night of Ishsah Winterspear’s birthday and the Knights of Loredaeron gathered around to celebrate. It was dark as well that night in Deadwind pass. The two coincided as if fate itself had intended that night to settle the matter of the ownership of the page.
The party went well, the Knights rallied together to expel the less cunning of the Dead Rose apprentices who appeared to try to locate Halera. Despite her better judgement she had allowed herself to be lured back into the city, braving the wrath of the Crusaders that hunted her for the company of friends and allies.

Or so she thought, for the Rose’s trump card had yet to play her part.

The party drew to a close, Halera not the youngest of Elves any more opted to head back to her hiding place.
Her friends the knights insisted upon an escort. Ishsah, proudly stepped up to aid her friend, while Alfos, spoke with the other Paladins upon the matter of the crazed Crusaders still hunting Halera down.

Away from the safety of the Knights of Loredaeron rode the Priestess of Elune and the Herald of the Legion. Away from those who would interfere. Ishsah and Halera made their way to the outskirts of the Stormwind city. To a small cottage.
There Halera, Priestess of Elune was captured by the Legion.

Chapter 2