Vorty Goes to the Draker Side!

The red proto-drake!

One of the sexiest mounts in the game and everyone wants one!

Immortalis has had a long history of people getting together and going for their Glory of the Hero. However, we still have a few people who need those last few pesky achievements as well as new members who’d like a shot at getting their own too!

So! Our very own Vortega has agreed to take over the Red Proto-Drake Programme! We’ve had many members successfully get their Red Proto-Drakes, and now it’s time to get everyone else one too. If you are a guildie and want one of these fine specimens as a mount, head on over to the forums and post here to let Vortega know you are interest.

About Vortega

Vorty is an experienced Mount Wrangler, with a stunning 25 Mounts in her collection. She recommends Blueberry Pie to calm a fretful steed, and some volatile oil to give your Mechano-Strider a real kick!