We have some Kingslayers!

The Progression 10man team, lead and organised mainly by Brixia and Mirthe, has finally killed the Lich King! Due to various set backs and things, it has been a gruelling 3 months but finally things came together on Monday for a glorious and slick kill. The Progression 10 man continued on the next reset to one shot

So a big hand to the Kingslayers: Zelcandor, Abados, Mirthe, Elaurin, Airedhiel, Mooffy, Brixia, Daz, Aecus, Newenna!

The lewt from Arthas was as follows:

Halion, Staff of Forgotten Love – Elaurin (Apparently this is Jaina’s staff, although it looks nothing like the simple mage staff she normally carries in game.)
Stormfury, Black Blade of the Betrayer – Disenchanted

Tel’thas, Dagger of the Blood King – Newenna (an allusion to Kael’thas!)

The Progression Team will continue to run on Wednesdays, but ICC10 is still organisable by any full members. If you are a new raider trying to gear up, look out in particular for runs labelled Muffinproof or Waffle as these are particularly aimed at gearing new raiders, and to give people a chance to learn to raid (either in new roles, e.g. a DPSer turned healer, or on new characters.)