Warsong Gulch Guide

Welcome all! This guide is the first in a series that will eventually deal with all the battlegrounds available. This guide will cover general lore, tips, achievements and tactics for Warsong Gulch (WSG). Warsong Gulch is available for everyone after reaching level 10, with the brackets: level 10-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70-79 and 80.


Warsong Gulch is a battleground nestled in the southern region of Ashenvale. It is located near the area where Grom Hellscream’s army chopped away huge swaths of the forest during the events of the Third War. Despite disagreements from Thrall, some orcs have remained in the vicinity, continuing their deforestation to fuel the Horde’s expansion. They call themselves the Warsong Outriders.

As Ashenvale is territory inhabited by the Night Elves, there has been an aggressive push to retake the forests. As far as the night elves are concerned, the Orcs have no business in this sacred land. And so, led by the forces of the Silverwing Sentinels, heroes come to answer the call of battle, fighting until every last Orc is defeated and cast out of Warsong Gulch.

WSG is won by capping three flags or more flags than your opponent has before the timer runs out. The timer starts on 25 minutes and if your still equal on flags after the given period the group who capped the last flag wins.


As with every background, /bg chat will be filled with people communicating in short hand. If you want to succeed in WSG, you need to know this stuff:-
FR: Flag Room
FC: Flag Carrier
EFC: Enemy Flag Carrier
INC: Incoming
GY: Graveyard
ROOF: Refers to the area above the respective flag rooms, accessed via the side exit in each tunnel
TUN: Refers to the tunnel leading in and out of the base
RAMP: Refers to the sloping terrain the other side to the graveyard


Warsong Gulch Base MapBoth sides get a base with a tunnel that goes from midfield to the flag room. If you look at the base from the front, you’ll see that on the right side of the base is a ramp that goes up to the roof of the base. The graveyards are on the left side. The base has two floors and a roof. In the tunnel, there is an alcove in which you will find a buff that gives you a speed boost. There are also somes houses below the graveyard that contain some healing and mana regen buffs. There are also houses below the ramps that contain an damage increase buff. Over midfield several stumps and bushes are scattered that can be used to Line of Sight or hide from your opponent.


There are two general strategies that can be used in Warsong Gulch. The most effective one, in my opinion is capturing the first flag. As soon as the battle starts, it’s best to be aggressive and rush out with your own group and heading to the enemy base. Exit the base via the right exit from where you teleport in, mount up and jump down from your own graveyard. Ride towards the enemy base and enter the first door you see on the right. Make your way to the enemy flag room where you or one of your allies will grab the flag. After you’ve grabbed the flag, stay as a group of 10 and head back to your base – your enemy is most likely doing the same.  The two groups will meet at midfield where battle will commence. Heroism is handy for this initial skirmish. This tactic falls or stands with the outcome of this battle – if you win, you get to capture the first flag. If not, then the enemy has an advantage. Make sure the enemy flag carrier doesnt try to run away  – follow him/her and focus fire him down. If you’re carrying the flag, stay with your team so that they can protect you as well as support them with your tanking, DPS or healing.

A less used strategy is to keep 2 people on defense (preferably a rogue/hunter/moonkin for their snaring abilities and steath/flare). You then send 3 people to attack – a flag carrier along with 2 healers or flag carrier, healer and ranged DPS with some CC abilities. The other 5 people go midfield, their objective is not to kill as many opponents as possible, its their job to slow people down, help out with bringing the flag back or intercepting the enemy flag. This strategy relies heavily on good communication since you can’t bruteforce your way through it. The defense group should always help the midfield group if  an enemy flag carrier slips through. Midfield group should always assist their own flag carrier crossing through the center of the battlefield.


#1 Dont try to kill healers that heal the flag carrier – it takes up too much time so crowd control them instead. It’s also worth putting a Mortal Strike type healing debuff on the flag carrier to make healing him/her up harder.

#2 A naked mage’s polymorph is just as potent as a mage in imba PvP gear – you can easily kill lower geared players to remove CC from the battle and should prioritize that over harder to kill targets such as paladins and warriors.

#3 Healers or plate melee DPS with self healing abilities make the best flag carriers. Caster DPS make great support for a flag carrier.

#4 A flag carrier has several ways to cross midfield, use them and stay unpredictable.

#5 Your opponent can’t turn in a flag if you hold it yourself – in every situation you should have someone hold the enemy flag.

#6 Most important, work together to get the enemy flag back – stay in groups. Stragglers will be focus fired down mercilessly.

#7 Some quick dictionary for the battleground chat: FC = Flag carrier, EFC = Enemy flag carrier, FR= Flag room, Ramp= Rampart going up to a base, Tun=Tunnel leading to a base, Middle= The whole area midfield between the bases, GY= Graveyard.


Warsong Gulch Veteran: Just win 100 matches. Just play a lot!

Capture the Flag: Speaks for itself – not to hard, especially if you’re with a pre-made.

Frenzied Defender: Return 5 flags in a single game. Best way to do this is not to kill people before they pick up the flag – wait till they grab it and then kill them. Remember, you need to be on defense in your own flag room for this.

Persistent Defender: Return a total of 50 flags. Another one of those achievements that you’ll get over time, just be patient. :P

Warsong Gulch Perfection: Win Warsong Gulch with a score of 3-0. If you’re better then your opponent, this one is pretty easy! I suggest using strategy #2 for this, since the chance of getting an enemy flag carrier through is a lot harder.

Warsong Expedience: Win Warsong Gulch within 7 minutes. You need to keep control of your opponent here. When the battle begins, instead of running to the enemy flag room, go straight to the enemy group and kill them all. Once they’re dead, head to the graveyard and farm them. One person goes ahead and picks up the flag. Just before the flag is brought to your home base, another player needs to move to the enemy flag room and quickly pick up the respawned flag. You need to limit or eliminate any enemy interference while running flags which is why the camping the graveyard is so important. It ain’t nice but that’s the price of this achievement!

Ironman: Capture three flags without dying. You need to be assigned by the group to do this, otherwise other people will just pick up flags. If you’re a squishy class you can wait in your own flag room and have somebody run the flags for you, dropping them in own flag room for you to pick up and capture. The hardest part of it is convincing your group to help you with it. Premades help a lot for this achievement.

Not in my House: Kill 2 flag carriers before they leave the flag room. Not as hard as it sounds – stay on defense and let the enemy grab the flag. Then kill them! Snare and stun effects help a lot with this achievement.

Quick Cap: Capture the flag within 75 seconds. This is a pretty hard one as it requires some luck. You need to grab the speed buffs from both the enemy and defense tunnel as well as using a quickness potion. As soon as you get enemy interference, it’s almost impossible to make it. Make sure your boots are enchanted with Tuskarr’s Vitality (if you dont get any movement increase from talents). Hunters can help with Aspect of the Pack to speed you up as well. This achievement is best done with the same strategy I described for Warsong Expedience.

Supreme Defender: Kill 100 flag carriers. Not very hard, just requires you to be on defense and a lot of patience – this one comes naturally over time, just like the Warsong Veteran achievement.

Save the Day: Kill the enemy who is carrying your flag in the opposing team’s flag room while the opposing team’s flag is at their base, within their control.Stack up with 10 people in the enemy flag room and wait for the flag carrier to arrive. Stun, snare and nuke it. This achievement sounds harder than it actually is. :P

Master of Warsong Gulch: Complete all the achievements listed above. Patience is required!

Not so Fast: Kill an enemy while under the effect of one of the speed buffs. This achievement isn’t part of the meta anymore. It’s fairly straightforward – you can just cap the tunnel if you want this achievement.

Silverwing Sentinel / Warsong Outrider: Reach Exalted status with your faction’s ally. This achievement takes a very long time. All you can do is keep hitting Warsong Gulch until you get it.


Here are some videos that will give you more of an idea about this battleground.

This is a pretty basic guide, I dont agree with everything said but it’s an entertaining watch.

A gnome capturing a flag!

Here’s some additional strategies, though no actual footage.

Thank you for reading this guide and feel free to poke me for any battlegrounds if you’re interested! Uncle Chris wants you for his army! I’d also like to thank Zel for helping me get this guide up!