Farewell to Northrend

And so our time in Northrend comes to an end.

In November 2008, Blizzard delivered Wrath of the Lich King, allowing us to venture forth into the long forgotten north lands. When we all started this journey, everything was different. We were in different places – Immortalis didn’t exist back then, we were all in different guilds or maybe not even playing. And now we all stand together, under the Immortalis banner, our home, eagerly awaiting the Cataclysm and all it entails.

I was going to do a long rambly post about my overall opinion of this expansion but you know what? You all know it already. Instead, I’ll post this amazing video by WoWCrendor. Watch it from beginning to end and smile at the memories.

And once you’ve seen it, let’s reminisce about our favourite memories from these last two years.  For me it was the following:-

  • Leveling through Northrend, enjoying every single zone as much as I could, marvelling at the environments and epic story-telling.
  • The many fun RP events organised by the people in this guild while we levelled to 80.
  • Being surprised and blown away by the Wrathgate event.
  • Stepping into Naxxramas again, this time as a level 80 and becoming the main tank of the guild I was in.
  • Being one of the first people on the realm to get their Reins of the Red Proto-Drake.
  • Starting up Immortalis when our old guild disbanded.
  • Progressing through Ulduar 10 and 25.
  • Doing the Ulduar10 Hard Modes for the first time and earning our proto-drakes.
  • Our guild first Yogg-Saron 25 kill, I still remember the rush of adrenaline as we hit Phase 3 with 25 people alive. The sound of Mirthe and Alleriaw nervously asking for heroism and me denying it until we hit 10%. The screams of triumph over vent and in raid chat as he went down! The feeling of finally being confident in my raid leading abilities.
  • Mirthe getting his Val’anyr.
  • Shadowdodger! Realm first! Rawr!
  • 3 manning Sarth 25.
  • 2 manning Flame Leviathan 10.
  • 12 manning Iron Council 25.
  • Alliance first Not One, But Two Jormungars 25!
  • Realm first Boned 25!
  • Realm first Full House 25!
  • Alliance first I’m on a Boat 25!
  • Realm first Flu-Shot Shortage 25!
  • Icecrown 10 Hard Modes.
  • Ðaz getting his Shadowmourne.
  • Herald of the Titans. Nuff’ said.

And you know what, I’m sure there’s lots of other stuff I’ve forgotten. So, how about you? What are your favourite memories? :)