Welcome to the Cataclysm

And with a bang, the new expansion hit us! It’s been an amazing first 24 hours as we had our first few people hit 85, had our guild hit level 3… and then get nerf-batted back to level 1! We’ve had Worgen and epic questing, critter killing and a 24 – 7 vent chat with many of our members talking about their experiences and having fun.

Day 2 is now here and it’s time to ask: what are your first impressions? Mine are the following:-

  • Maelstrom. Wow.
  • Hyjal: epic.
  • Mining and blacksmithing: competitive!
  • Guild leveling: huge amount of fun!
  • Vent chat: awesome place to hang out and talk about what’s been going on!
  • Worgen!

Share and let us know your thoughts too, although be mindful of spoilers!