We’re Not Dragon Our Feet on Raiding…

The guild started Cataclysm raiding with a bang on the 12th of this month as we took down Magmaw and the Omnitron Defense System on 25-man. The kills have continued into the second week as Maloriak, Atramedes, The Conclave of Wind, Halfus Wyrmbreaker and Valiona & Theralion followed!

Cataclysm marks the start of a new attitude to raiding for Immortalis, with higher personal expectations and greater focus. The guild remains committed to 25-man raids, for the fun and atmosphere, so we’re very happy that we were able to start as we mean to go, albeit a little later than planned. These raids also mark our shift from a custom DKP system to the EPGP loot system.

A big thanks to all the guild members who participated in these first kills!