Seafood Magnifique: The Of-fish-al Immortalis Feast

“You can tune a guitar, but you can’t tuna fish. Unless of course, you play bass.”

– Douglas Adams

“I am on a seafood diet. If I see food, I eat it.”

– Brixia

As January came to a close, an avid band of Immortalis members fished up the last batch of fish for the That’s a Lot of Bait achievement, unlocking the Recipe: Seafood Magnifique Feast guild perk!

Immortalis has a lot of avid fishermen and women. Some of us fish for our raid consumables, others for profit but we do have a large contingent of members who fish simply because it’s pretty relaxing and a great way to spend time chatting to your friends while you find a nice, serene spot to sit and fish. I find Uldum to be one of my favorite places in the expansion for fishing, with many scenic spots and relaxing music.

When the expansion hit, one of the guild goals was to eventually unlock the Seafood Magnifique Feast recipe. We first discussed the idea of setting up teams to go fish x number of pools per week but really, this was just a bit too much and would have turned the whole thing into a grind, especially for those of us who like to fish when we’re in the mood for it. The idea was abandoned for that reason and simply because we kind of liked having to grind mats for our own buff foods, just like we did in The Burning Crusade. As nice as a feast is, there’s nothing like having a choice of stats.

So time passed and then we noticed something: week by week, the counter was going up and it was going up fast. So on a Sunday night, a few of us were fishing and we turned on the tracker to see how fast it would be going up… and we noticed that we were only 500 fish away from 10,000!

Soon a couple more people started to fish and the counter started going up faster… until more and more people joined in the fun! Before we knew it, we had a raid of 11 people, music streaming on vent while we chatted and a counter that was going up so fast that we went from needing 500 fish to just 250 within 10 minutes.

A little time later and the counter hit 10k and we finally unlocked the feast! We had to meet up and cook one up to celebrate and I have to say, it was pretty darn tasty!

A big thank you to all our members for contributing to complete this achievement – this wasn’t just the 11 people who fished on Sunday night, it was the 100 odd people in this guild who’ve been fishing since the release of Cataclysm, either for fun, relaxation, profit or just to help out. It took so long, thanks for all the fish!