Nefarian Down! Guild Glory of the Cataclysm Raider!

On Monday the 25th of April, Immortalis finally killed Nefarian. After two months of severe issues in trying to get him down. It began two months ago when we attempted the fight on 25 man. After a great night of trying different tactics, we managed to punch into Phase 3 and start learning the burn phase. Unfortunately, from there on, bad luck plagued us – whether it was lack of availability from key people, disconnects or last minute drop outs, adjustments in raid tactics, it all added up to frustrate us and chip away at our morale.

On Sunday, I became a victim of the Virgin Media lag that’s been affecting thousands of players and there was a collective drop in morale as I had to step out of the raid in order for us to continue. I went out and Suunya, our Death Knight tank, stepped in. How could we do this without our main tank? The guy who’d been there on every Nefarian attempt, the one who knew how to position the boss, the one who knew how to kite the adds… and especially with Suunya – as awesome as tank as he is, he’d never done the Nefarian fight before due to a long break…

And then the lag and disconnects started up again and morale went down even more. But then… it happened. Suunya picked up the intricacies of tanking the adds after one wipe. The raid went in again and this time wiped at 1%. We could do it! Nef was going to go down!

The night went on but no kill happened. No problem, we could come back the next day, Suunya was available. However, we didn’t have the best ranged signups so we had bring in an extra melee. Worried that we wouldn’t have enough DPS on Nefarian during Phase 2, we re-convened on Monday night. The news was also grim on my side. Virgin Media or Telia or Blizzard had not managed to resolve the lag problems and I was still out of the game.

But it was okay, we still had Suunya.

So the team went in and after three good attempts it happened. Suunya kited the adds perfectly and Nefarian went down! While it’s been a frustrating fight in terms of getting the perfect composition to mitigate and combat Nefarian’s abilities, I think I can safely say that everyone had fun – it’s been an incredibly challenging raiding tier but also very fun and a great change to the uninspiring raids of Tier 9 and 10.

We’ve had a lot of fun conquering this content and we can’t wait to start on the Hard Modes! Good work everyone and see you on the other side of the Hard Modes!