Realm First: Working Better as a Team is Ours!

What a crazy 15 hours it’s been.

From the start of the launch with a veritable onslaught of choppers destroying the Horde in nano-seconds, to the adrenaline-fueled final moments of Tinarion capping cooking and getting us the realm first achievement… Crazy is the only word for it.

Oh, and sleep-deprived. Can’t forget that.

I will admit, there were times when I wondered if we just didn’t want it hard enough. When we saw numerous Realm First achievements that we didn’t get flash past, each one dampening our hopes that little bit more with each passing hour… It was difficult to stay motivated.

Somehow, we pushed through. Somehow, so many of us stayed awake against the odds and showed that Immortalis has the determination and fantastic teamwork to win, no matter what.

A huge congratulations to the crafters who focused on these achievements, in no particular order:


And in fact, a special congrats to Sherrim for also getting the individual realm first achievement for Archaeology!

Of course, this would not have been possible without the entire guild backing them, sending them materials or even just cheering us on in guild chat. Again, this simply would not have been possible without every single one of you.

As Zel just loves to say, ‘There’s no I in Team Immortalis!’