Pandaria Saved (or is it?)

With the dying sounds of Grand Empress Shek’zeer still ringing in their ears, the Immortalis raid team continued on the quest to free Pandaria from the grip of the Sha of Fear.

With the mighty Brixia once again leading the intrepid explorers in to the Terrace of the Endless Springs they knew it would not be long before they stood face to face with the Sha ready for their biggest challenge since Deathwing.  Blocking their path were the Protectors of the Endless, Tsulong and Lei Shi.

The Protectors offered little resistance and were quickly despatched in Elite mode.  The troubled Tsulong also caused no trouble for the team and was defeated/saved before ‘too long’ in a stunning display of dps and epic healing. After a brief pause for everyone to say ‘Aw, isn’t she cute?’ the team quickly set about chasing Lei Shi around her platform spamming their AoE to find her.  It wasn’t long before the 3rd boss was down and the loot was distributed.

And so the moment arrived.  Standing before the Sha of Fear the raiders took a big gulp and dived right in.  The struggle was intense and emotions ran high but eventually even the Sha of Fear was no match.

Poses were made and screenshots taken.  I guess they can all rest easy now safe in the knowledge that Pandaria is no longer in the clutches of the Sha of Fear right?  Wrong!  Anyone fancy having a go at the Heroic modes?

Stay tuned for news of heroic progression as the team leave no stone unturned in their efforts to overcome not only the odds but also Blizzard’s finest.

Protectors of the Endless

Protectors of the Endless – 22/11/2012


Tsulong – 25/11/2012

Lei Shi

 Lei Shi – 25/11/2012

Sha of Fear

 Sha of Fear – 27/11/2012