Immortalis has moved to Argent Dawn!

After a long period of preparation, the guild has finally moved to Argent Dawn-EU.

It’s sad to leave The Sha’tar-EU behind but with the unfortunate population decline since Cataclysm, what was once a small, friendly realm with a fun and varied RP community has slowly become empty and recruitment has become increasingly difficult.

While we’ve loved our time on The Sha’tar, the community we’ve built is important to us and we wish to keep growing and keep raiding. For those who don’t know us, we’re a mature guild with high standards for our members – we have a strict 18+ policy and we have a strict policy of not recruiting asshats. These policies have kept this guild a healthy and fun place to be for the last 6 years. As such, we’ve always valued the maturity and vibrance of being on an RP server. All of our members abide by the server rules and have been part of the RP community in The Sha’tar’s better day.

So, here we are, on Argent Dawn looking to rebuild our raid team, bolster our ranks with more social players, return to our RP roots and become part of a thriving server community again. It’s an exciting time for us all and I want to give a huge thanks to all my guildies for being so positive and enthusiastic about the move. We can’t wait to establish ourselves on this great realm and get back to making this the best darn guild on any server!

I’d also like to give a huge thanks to Dominique from <Lightsworn> for providing us with the great artwork gracing our header image – she does amazing work and if you’re interested in commissioning her for some art, you can contact her via her DeviantArt page!