A Brawl of a Time

Posted by Cereon June 8th, 2013.

On June 7th Immortalis ventured into the lower levels of the Deeprun Tram to pay a visit to the Brawler’s Guild. Lots of brawls were had and lots of rotten fruit was thrown at guildies for the achievement Haters Gonna Hate. Some people were able to hit an angry spectator in the head for Bottle Service when spectators got a bit unruly. Many brawls were won and while many people got their You Are Not Your $#*@! Legplates achievement, many more got their I’m Your Number One Fan achievement by cheering on the winners.

Brawling Cheerleader was won by Nizayn for best cheers. Brawling Comedian was won by Zimraphael for standing still when a guildie, who shall remain nameless, told her to stand still so he could throw rotten fruit at her and she was promptly ran over by Goredome. Brawler Extraordinaire was won by Feidreva for narrowly avoiding certain death with a well-timed shadowstep. Our guest winner was Aelisa of Hymn Of The Wind. Each winner won 1000g and guildies earned themselves a new guild note.

Brawler Event June 2013

Thanks to Dominique (as Riverbend of The Grinning Fool) for providing food and snacks during the event!

Brawler Event June 2013

A special thanks to Solyana for organizing the event and a big congratulations to the winners of the prizes.