Darkshire Midsummer Festival 2013

Posted by Cereon June 30th, 2013.
Invitation to the Darkshire Midsummer Festival Event as posted the Argent Dawn-EU realm forum:

Severals invitations are hanging on the houses of Stormwind: “Midsummer has arrived, and Darkshire is inviting you to our little celebration! We will be serving drinks and snacks while having a chat or enjoying the music!

Time and date: 29th of June at 20.00-….
Place to be: Darkshire
What to bring: celebration gear, a torch or any other vanity items are welcome!

Attending organizations, their roles and locations:
– Stormwind Provincials (hosts)
– Fablewind Faire (performances, blacksmith)
– Stonebear Clan (brawling tournament, in town pumpkin field)
– Gnomish Rescue Squad (gadgets and fireworks, town center)
– Skyguard Society (announcers, Stormwind and town center)
– Stormwind Home Guard (security, town in general)
– The Purple Bellflower (food and drinks, near the inn)
– Blackwind Marine Platoon (exotic wears, near the blacksmith)
– Several individuals (vendors)

We hope to see you on our celebration! Enjoy!



Screenshots from the Event:

More people arrived from all corners of Azeroth.

Perhaps these Pandaren had never seen a Draenei before. The crowd was certainly a colorful bunch!
I started worrying about explosions when more and more Gnomes started to arrive. You can’t hold it against me if I’m extra careful around these guys!

This Night Elf must have been telling a good joke. The Worgen is howling with laughter while the Death Knight is clearly a little shocked.

Some party goers were tapped out very early.

More supplies for the festival!

The representative of Immortalis was on fire! Literally!

I didn’t get a chance to find out what these two were guarding.

Danther. The fine fellow who posted the invitation on the realm forums!
As more and more people started pouring into Darkshire conversations became very animated.

Need a kite, fortune card or a jar of slime? Boult is your man!
A snack vendor with her loyal guardian.

Some of the ladies were real head turners as is evident in this screenshot.

The show of the evening gets underway!

There was a brawling tournament at the pumpkin patch and that’s where people in this screenshot are going, but I kind of missed it as I was too busy taking screenshots.

A couple of mages of The Kirin Dal coming to see what all the fuss is about.

Another show gets underway!

The audience was captivated.

Well, except for that one Draenei who fell asleep. Or she blinked when I took the screenshot. Could be either…

The crowd was lively and everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy the show.

This Gnome produced copper out of thin air from this willing volunteer. The volunteer was shocked: “I can produce copper?!”

Some people got themselves a balcony seat for a better view.
Drama, romance… this show had it all!

Backstage with the Fablewind Faire.

As the festival wound down it was inevitable a Dwarf would get drunk enough to try and start a brawl with someone twice his size.