Immortalis Celebrates 5 Year Anniversary!

Posted by Zelcandor April 30th, 2014.
Congratulations Immortalis!
Five years.
As I type those words, they don’t seem real.
Five years ago Immortalis was born from another guild, Athanatoi. Athanatoi was a guild of ideals – the GMs, Astra and Delanae, had spent all of Vanilla WoW bouncing between various guilds full of asshats and idiots. So, when TBC rolled around, they decided to create a new kind of guild – their vision was to make it small and friendly, with a focus on community, providing all the activities of WoW (RP, PvE and PvP) under one roof and one simple rule, one that’s stuck with us over the years: don’t be a dick.
Over the years, Athanatoi became well-known for it’s community, culture and more and more awesome people gravitated to it. It was no longer a small guild and it became very successful in raiding, so much so that it became the primary activity of most of its members.
The disbanding was unexpected and traumatic: everyone was shocked and surprised. As people struggled to figure out what to do, some looked to me… and found me absent.
At the end of Athanatoi, there were only 3 officers left to try and make the guild work – myself, Senya and Vad and we had been struggling. Senya and Vad stepped down as officers and I tried to keep things going as best as I could but… well, I was totally burnt out by the effort of it all and I decided to quit, maybe even quit WoW. When I told the GMs that I needed a break, they decided that it was best to disband the guild.
In the meantime, a small group of people – Kouniam, Mirthe, Silverclaw and Vyssele decided that we would not go gently into the night and that we should create a new guild, one that was a continuation of Athanatoi, with all the same people. After some discussion, they decided that the only person who could fill the role as GM was me.
When they came to me with their proposal, my answer was, and if I remember correctly: lolwut, are you all high?!
I was happy enough being an officer in a guild and it had never occurred to me to be in charge nor did I ever want to be, let alone a big guild like Athanatoi was. But they convinced me in the end and well, the rest is history.
And here we are today, five years later!
We’ve overcome the transition from 25 man raiding to 10 man raiding. We’ve survived and flourished after a server transfer, rebuilding every time we are knocked down, standing tall at every obstacle.
Everyone who’s been with us knows it’s not been easy. I don’t believe that I always made the right choices. I always did what I thought was best and right for the guild. Late at night, it is the wrong choices that haunt me and keep me awake, but I guess we look at our failures more than we do our triumphs.
But five years is a triumph.
I had a few friends outside of the guild congratulate me on what I’ve achieved, making it this far, running a guild. I found it very strange for people to say this to me because this isn’t my achievement. I didn’t singlehandedly get us here. The truth is that the success of the guild isn’t just down to me, it’s down to all of you.
Everyone who has ever been in Immortalis has helped in his or her way to make this place feel like home. Together, we have made Immortalis a success. Together, we have made sure that we can gather here today and celebrate our fifth milestone. Five years in World of Warcraft is a hell of a long time. Guilds rise daily and last a few days or months all the time. Standing firm for so long is an achievement that we should be proud of.
I’ve been looking to the past while writing this post, which is natural when it comes to an anniversary. However, I want all of you to look to the future and what it holds for the guild. No-one knows what the future holds, what changes will come but I know I have nothing to fear because whatever happens, we’ll face it together.
Congratulations, Immortals. This is your achievement. :)
Zelcandor Stormdrake,
Guild Master of Immortalis the best damn guild anyone could ask for <3