Not Fade Away, Part One

Posted by Dominique June 1st, 2014.
It was frustrating to let the mortals work out their own issues, especially when it involved an anomaly this strong, but it was part of the job. It was the only thing she couldn’t accept, and her objections had cost her the Envoy position in the past.
At least these mortals seemed to be aware of their problem now. They were gathering in their Dimensional Ship to investigate. She didn’t like those either. They were alien technology and not under the Keepers’ jurisdiction, but they caused so many ripples when they landed on Azeroth, or crashed like the Exodar. Why the mortals thought it was a good idea to discuss and even experiment with an existential problem on an interdimensional vessel, baffled her. But then they didn’t seem to have any inkling what they were dealing with yet.
She took solace in the fact that the ship was not operational. At least not as intended anyway.
Dominique 1
She watched in silence and logged their progress. Some of their experiments amused her and she suppressed a giggle at the disgruntled look on the face of a short, dwarven researcher with a black leather hat, when she tried various mechanical devices with no luck. A few loud whirring sounds and fizzes emitted from the machinery before she decided to abandon them and try another elixir instead. Her subject shrunk, and then seemed briefly lit on fire. She did not seem to enjoy the effects or the taste of the potions she was given, and it did not affect the fading at all.
A fair amount of experiments were performed and only one researcher seemed to make any progress. She felt quite sorry for her, as she knew all too well what it was like when a false positive gave a glimmer of hope for a seemingly unsolvable puzzle, and how it felt when it turned out to be a mere coincidence.
The people gathered around a desk to discuss their findings, and they seemed to be grasping at straws until the leader of the group started asking a human woman certain questions.
“Come ooon.. You’re so close! Just ask her how she’s connected!” She almost called out to the towering Draenei as he pondered the human’s answers. He couldn’t have heard her anyway. She was simply watching these past events to update her on the assignment.
Finally they found a tabard in the bags the human brought with her, and as she touched it she solidified, but he didn’t seem to notice. In fact, none of them did!
She raked her fingers through her hair in frustration, nearly knocking off her lens. With an exasperated groan, she readjusted the lens and kept watching. The Draenei had asked the human girl to put on the tabard and as she did so, she solidified once more to the surprise of the gathered members. She handed the tabard to another faded member and as he put it on to the same effect, they started theorizing.
She knew the rest and she stopped watching. They had found the connection to their ‘relocation’ and they knew the tabard was binding them to this plane somehow. Soon they would be coming to the Caverns of Time to seek answers. They knew the Keepers must have some knowledge of this, and she had been given the task of telling them what they were to know at this point.
It was her first assignment as a trainee, and she was determined to do it right this time. It was also the perfect opportunity for a glimpse into another reality, which was a rare privilege and she was struggling to contain her excitement. She knew to watch herself in the company of her tutor, or the assignment would be given to someone else.
Heh.. Watch herself.. Classic..
Quite pleased with her restraint and silently amused by her own wit, she returned to her quarters to prepare herself for the events of the following day.