Not Fade Away, Part Two

Posted by Dominique August 11th, 2014.
As Zariadormi walked away from the small group of people, she considered what she had just seen in the young man’s memories.
She wondered if a mere mortal could ever show enough respect for the giant structures and mechanisms built by the Titans. They had not shown much tonight. None had kneeled, only one of them had bowed, two had almost drawn their weapons, and the short dwarven lady had repeatedly asked questions to things she had already explained. Zariadormi was patient, but only just patient enough for this one. There was a time when mortals trembled in fear when they met with one of her kin, but times changed. Heh, such an amusing saying.. of course they did.
At least Immortalis had been respectful when residing in Ulduar, but to her mind, they had crossed a sacred boundary in using the devices there. Tampering with the grand designs of the Makers always had consequences. Their price had been the burden of knowledge.
When they found the records of the prison in Pandaria, they felt obliged to seek it out, as they knew it would hold a great threat to Azeroth. As they arrived they realised just how great, and she thought fondly of them for leaving the Echo of Y’Shaarj locked inside.
But the damage was done. She wondered if the Old Gods had whispered through the earth to Wrathion as they had his grandfather, and if that was what had led him to break open the prison. She worried for her cousin, but it was not for her to judge his actions or his reasoning.
Partially responsible for the breach, Immortalis had joined the subsequent battle. She knew they still mourned their losses, and she had seen in Zelcandor the moment of conclusion. The impossible decision, he had been forced to make, should not have been thrust upon any being, and she wondered if she herself could have activated the device that had annihilated the ‘ghost’ of the Old God and shifted Immortalis to this timeline.
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She replayed it in her mind, watching the blinding destruction, questioning the probability of the other world withstanding such devastating rift in reality. She decided it to be unlikely, but perhaps the remnants of that universe was still clinging on to existence.
It must be difficult for them, she decided, not to know what happened to their past and the ones they left behind. She knew their detachment from this world and longing for the other intensified their predicament, and only when they would allow themselves to make connections here, would they stop fading and become part of this timeline.
It would take a lot to cheer up that group though. She had told her best jokes, but they only produced a tentative giggle from a Kaldorei. That one had held a rune she seemed to believe to be connected to the time shift in some way, and perhaps it was but it could just as well be a coincidence. She decided to make a special mention of this item so her superiors could determine its role.
After reporting her findings, she took her natural form, shook her shoulders and spread her wings, setting off to leave the memories of the human between the infinite number of other moments, stored in the back of her mind.