Heroic Emerald Nightmare Cleared!

Emerald Nightmare Cleared!

It’s been a long time since we posted an update but we’re proud to announce that we’ve cleared Heroic Emerald Nightmare. Well, we cleared it a few weeks ago as of this post but there’s a reason we’ve held off on writing up a story about it.

In expansions past, Immortalis had been a successful 10 Man Heroic Raiding Guild but that changed with the introduction of 20 Man Mythic content replacing the traditional 10 Man Heroic environment in which we had flourished. Despite all our attempts to upscale to 20 Man, we were never able to effectively make Mythic Raiding work. People got bored with the expansion and quit, people were busy in RL and weren’t able to Raid as regularly, changes to classes meant that Ranged DPS applicants were few and far between and worst of all, new Raiders joined the Guild but didn’t quite fit in, diluting the fun, focused atmosphere we’d been able to maintain for years. It became a chore to maintain a bigger roster and to keep bringing people in, getting them to adapt to our tactics and planning Raids became a nightmare.

In short, Raiding stopped being fun and we quietly called it a night after killing Archimonde.

Legion represented a fresh start, an opportunity to re-focus on our core Raiding ethos – to have fun with friends, to clear the content with an organised approach and to do it better every week. We dropped all the people who were making Raids unfun, either through attitude or inability to adapt and work as part of a Team. We started with a smaller Raid Team and have now built ourselves up to a 30 man Roster, working together and focusing on having fun. This week represented our cleanest night of Raiding so far and we’re now beginning to make our first forays into Mythic, though clearing Heroic will remain our focus going forward.

Congratulations to everyone for all their hard work in rebuilding the Raid Team, our success is down to your efforts and commitments and I look forward to seeing what we can achieve together in the future!