Heroic Helya and 3/7 Emerald Nightmare Mythic!

Ursoc Mythic

Ursoc Mythic was bearly a challenge

Coming back from a Christmas Break, we rang in the New Year with a series of new kills!

After a textbook Heroic Helya kill, we returned to where we left off in Mythic Emerald Nightmare and downed Mythic Elerethe Renferal and Mythic Ursoc, both on the same night!

Heroic Helya was more of a slog than any other boss this Tier – not really hard mechanically, just overtuned and unfun. We were glad to be done with her and in no hurry to return to boring Trial of Valor. Well, okay, Heroic Odyn was fun.

Hel Yeah!

Can we get a Hel Yeah for killing this boss?

It’s a landmark Legion moment for us as it’s been a while since we tackled harder content, especially since it was extremely uncertain if we’d be able to get enough people for Mythic Raiding. It’s great to be doing harder content again, with a focus on fun, teamwork and doing everything correctly.

Elerethe Mythic Down!

Where’s Elerethe? Oh I spider over there…

Mechanically, Elerethe Renferal has a lot of moving parts needed to align in order to get a kill but we got her down within a couple of pulls on our second night. It’s a fun fight, requiring good situational awareness and a thorough understanding of the timings and mechanics. And a Paladin Tank to cheese the Phase 2 mechanics helps too!

Ursoc on the other hand was just boring, not very much change from Heroic Mode, other than the rhythm of the Tank debuffs but there was never any doubt he’d go down.

A big thanks to our Raid Team, our success is down to your efforts and commitment! Onwards to Nighthold!