Welcome to the new Website!

Another tier is at its end, and soon another year and Immortalis is still standing. We’ve had a turbulent year and the ups and downs we have felt as a guild we also faced together, everyone pulled together when Immortalis needed us and we still have her with us. Despite all the difficulties we have faced we have achieved what we wanted, a Heroic Kil’Jaden kill and now our sights are set clearly on the new tier and further on, the new expansion!

In September many members of Immortalis packed their bags and took flight to go to the largest guild meeting it has had since its creation back in 2009. Old and new members of all origins and nationalities came together under the roofs of our friends in the guild. We spent a wonderful time with our gracious hosts and guild friends in the beautiful city of London, and got to know people we’ve played with for years in a new way as we saw who is behind the character. As the guild master of Immortalis I am proud to have all these lovely people in my guild, you guys make Immortalis what it is.

With that said, I welcome you all new and old to the new forum of Immortalis.

Kazyra, Primarch of Immortalis.