A Little Downtime

Some of you may have noticed our website was down for a couple of months.  This issue has now been resolved and hopefully our presence on the interwebs will remain strong!

In that time Officers have received whispers from many people interested in joining the Guild who understandably were not aware of the Recruitment status and could not locate the website.  We would like to thank those people for their interest and their kind words, and while recruitment remains closed and unfortunately we cannot invite from whispers, we will of course update the website as soon as recruitment opens again.

People new to the Guild and our ways will notice we have kept the old-school written application requirement. Our biggest marketeers are of course, our famous YouTubers and Streamers who attract similarly fun and friendly people to the Guild, but the Officer Team have to get a sense of the person behind the screen and want to ensure applicants will fit in with our existing Guild Members.  The written application helps us to establish this.  We want to continue to grow at a comfortable pace, ensuring we can preserve the quality of our community and do not lose the welcoming and kind spirit of the Guild.

While recruitment is closed, we do not comment on new applications posted until we open the doors, but would like to thank those who have taken the time to post an application to our forums.  We do read them and appreciate your efforts completing the forms. To those thinking of applying, please follow the instructions under “How To Apply” in the sidebar.

In the meantime, the Guild and it seems, a lot of players, have hit the gentle lull before the next big patch – 8.2, we’re looking at you.  Guild Members are reminded that they can withdraw from the Withdrawals tab in the Guild Bank on their main character in the Guild as per the Guild Ranks in the meantime for any goodies they or their alts may need.

Guild activity will be quieter as a result of the pre-patch lull, but Guild Members as always if you need an Officer and cannot find us, poke us in the usual places or on Discord!

Daz, Primarch of Immortalis and The Officer Team