Curve and Classic

Classic is here! The Guild have created a presence on Hydraxian Waterlords, an RP-PVE server, Alliance faction.

Following the end of content in the current patch on Retail (for some!), Classic release was well timed, with a fair few of our Guildies having moved to enjoy the delights of a simpler WoW in the form of Classic. Some then returned to Retail with seeming renewed vigor; others are taking the opportunity to catch up alts while everyone is distracted, and the rest have simply taken a break to play the game of RL or finally get through their backlog of games that aren’t WoW at all. This is not an experience unique to our Guild, but somewhat a usual occurrence this far into an expansion for WoW-centric communities.

Guilds on both versions of the game may be a little quieter during this time, at least until the release of 8.2.5 when we expect to see a burst of activity with players checking out what’s new.

Prior to the release of Classic, our clever Raiders secured their Curve in what is one of the (if not the) most interesting and fun raid fights seen to date, finally downing Queen Azshara! We hope to see similarly challenging mechanics in the future. Unless it’s stacking. We are no good at that.

As usual, Guildies needing invites to either Guild waiting for an officer, just poke us in Discord or Battlenet!

Image courtesy of Sylassa, the Guild Photographer.