Raiding & Loot Rules


  • Immortalis runs one Raid team.
  • Raids start time is 2000hrs and end time is 2300. All times are given in server time. You are required to be in the instance and ready for first pull at 2000hrs.
  • Our official Raid days are Thursday, Sunday and Tuesday. During progression, we will Raid on all 3 days but once progression is over, we’ll drop to 2 nights a week.
  • We work like a sports team: we rotate members on per fight basis if needed, putting our best resources in the field for progression encounters while doing our best to ensure everyone gets to Raid. There is no room for complaints or personal issues. Our goal is progression and therefore we believe strongly in bringing the right team for the fight.
  • Members must prioritise raiding with Immortalis on official raid nights over raiding with out of guild alts or PuGging.
  • Raiders must research all encounters ahead of time – Wowhead, Icy Veins and Youtube all have excellent strategies and explanations of boss abilities. Specific tactics and assignments will be posted ahead of time. It is not acceptable to attend Raids without knowing tactics.
  • Raiders must research all class and buffs synergies to maximize the Raid performance. Communicate with your fellow Raiders to find out what specs they’re playing (e.g. special debuffs / buffs) or planning who is going to be on X debuff duty will simplify our work and help the raid.
  • Loot is determined via EP/GP (see below for more information).
  • Raiders must have a boss mod installed: Deadly Boss Mods or BigWigs is fine. Deadly Boss Mods is the guild standard.
  • Raiders must have WeakAuras 2 installed. This is so that the Raid Leaders can provide encounter specific auras for the entire raid team.
  • Raiders must have Immortalis Announce installed. This is our custom AddOn for co-ordinating interrupts and dispels.
  • EPGP Lootmaster – As we use EP/GP for our loot system, all Raiders must have EPGP Lootmaster installed to ensure that we can be done with looting as quickly as possible.
  • Healers must use VuhDo for their raid healing frames. Having everyone use the same AddOn makes it more efficient for the Healing Co-ordinator to advise on configuring raid frames for encounters that require non-standard healing strategies.
  • Curse App – We use the Curse App for our voice comms. Login details are available from the Guild Information tab ingame.
  • Players on backup will be notified on the forums. Lineup changes for individual boss fights will be posted in the raid thread on the forums – Backups are expected to be online for raid invite time (see here on the forum).
  • Raiders are expected to bring appropriate amounts of their applicable potions, elixirs, flasks, buff foods and any other consumable for the raid. We also expect all players to bring bandages and be at 700 skill level in First Aid. The Guild Bank strives to provide all consumables for official raids for the raid team, but ultimately everyone is responsible for their own preparations.
  • Talking on vent is encouraged but use your common sense. Do not undermine the Raid Leader, keep boss encounter chat to a minimum unless told otherwise.
  • Tactics can be debated, but only after at least attempting the raid leader’s strategy a couple of times. If you have a different tactic you want to suggest, whisper the raid leader at an appropriate time and let them decide – it is okay to debate the merits of a tactic but be respectful and polite in your suggestions. Do not undermine the Raid Leader in raid chat or on Ventrilo.
  • Warcraft Logs will be posted after every raid. You are expected to check them to see how you’re performing. If you feel you are not performing well, please ask for help – Immortalis members pride themselves on being friendly and knowledgeable! We’re all here to help each other as a team – do not be afraid to take advantage of the resources available to you.
  • All raids will have at least one break scheduled in. Please avoid any other AFKs unless it’s an emergency.
  • Stay positive, focus and have fun!


  • We use EP/GP in all official guild raids. However we reserve the right to prioritise tier tokens to any role, class or individual when needed.
  • EP/GP rewards consistent effort for long-term raiders without placing new raiders at disadvantage. It assures even and fair loot distribution much better than any other system (a more extensive explanation can be found here).
  • EP/GP is a Loot Priority based system. During a raid you are rewarded two types of points: Effort Points (EP) for time spent raiding, participating in guild first kills and acting as a backup, and Gear Points (GP) for receiving loot. Your Loot Priority (PR) is calculated by dividing your Effort Points with your Gear Points: EP/GP = PR.
  • Trialists earn Effort Points the same as raid team members. However full members of the raid team have priority on loot. Trialists can only get loot if no full member of the raid team wants it.
  • EP/GP is administrated with this AddOn in-game. The AddOn stores all data in Officer Notes and Guild Info. Only the Loot Master is required to have the AddOn installed to be able to reward EP and GP and check Loot Priority status during looting. We highly recommend you install the AddOn so that you will be able to view the list.

This simple system is enhanced with a few additional features:

  • MINIMUM EFFORT POINTS: You need a certain amount of Effort Points in order to be eligible for loot. While under the minimum amount you have very low priority on loot. You can get a piece of loot only if no-one else wants it.
  • BASE GEAR POINTS: Everyone has a set amount of Base GP. When EP/GP calculates your Loot Priority it takes Base GP into account. This is required to correctly calculate Loot Priority for new or inactive raiders and for raiders returning from long breaks.
  • DECAY: Decay is applied after each raid. It docks a set percentage off both your EP and GP (Base GP is not affected). This ensures your Loot Priority is always based on your recent activity, not on points you earned long time ago. Long inactivity will also bring you below Minimum EP.
  • BACKUP REWARDS: Backups are rewarded full amount of Effort Points for raids.
  • PENALTIES: If you are penalised for bad raiding behaviour, the Raid Leader will award Gear Points only. This will reduce your loot priority.

Effort Points for one raid: 100 EP
Gear Points for tier tokens, trinkets, one-handed weapons / off-hands and relics: 500 GP
Gear Points for two-handed weapons: 1000 GP
Base Gear Points: 200 GP
Decay: 10%

Extra Effort Points can sometimes be awarded for special boss kills and raiding achievements.