Code of Conduct


These are our general rules.

  • Act in a civilized manner at all times. What you do while wearing our guild tags reflects upon our community. This applies to any public chat channels, people you group with and the official Blizzard forums. Exceptions can be made if your behavior is In Character – if this is the case though, be courteous and let your co-players know in an Out of Character whisper before proceeding.
  • Don’t grief and corpse camp other players. Repeatedly killing NPCs is also griefing. Using ableist, racist, homophobic or sexist slurs is also not acceptable. If you think it is okay to stiff strangers out of loot, gank lowbies, or be generally rude and inconsiderate to other players (guilded or not) then this is not the community for you.
  • Be honest. Honesty is a virtue in this community and we expect honesty from all our members. We do not, however, expect you to disclose personal information.
  • No begging. Ever. Period. Not in Guild Chat, not in Chat Channels, not in General Chat. This is completely non-negotiable. It reflects badly on you as a player, and it reflects badly on our community.
  • Absolutely no botting, gold-buying or purchasing of power-levelling services. If you are caught doing any of these things, you will be kicked without warning, without a second chance.
  • Account sharing represents a security risk to the guild. Furthermore, since our recruitment focuses on the people behind the screen, rather than their character, it also means that the person(s) you’re sharing an account with haven’t earned their place in our community the same way you have. We can allow account sharing, but this would be on a case-by-case basis, and it would require you to disclose the details of this to the officers. Failure to do so could result in removal from the community.


  • As we’re a guild full of adults, we don’t have any rules against swearing but as with the rules above, using ableist, racist, homophobic or sexist slurs is not acceptable.
  • No dinging in Guild Chat. Another level is always something to celebrate but in practical terms its annoying.
  • Avoid the over use of abbreviations and leetspeak in guild chat and on the forums. While we don’t mind the occasional ‘leetspeaking’, don’t make a habit of it. Use full English sentences.
  • Please do not post discussions about religion, politics or sexuality (including adult material … you know what we mean) on our forums. We understand you may wish to discuss these topics with your guildies, but there are other more appropriate places on the Internet for those types of discussions.


  • In World of Warcraft you are expected to adhere to the RP server policy as defined by Blizzard. You can find more information on that here (it’s mainly naming your characters appropriately and not using Out of Character speech in /say and /yell). We don’t require our members to roleplay, but you do have to know what it is.
  • Make sure you follow the In Character and Out of Character channel guidelines above. You can play the game however you want, but don’t break other people’s immersion in the game.


  • If you have not logged on for over 2 months and not let us know you’re taking a break, your characters will be demoted to the lowest rank and may eventually be removed.