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Author Topic: [Social Application] - Leilá (ACCEPTED)  (Read 644 times)


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[Social Application] - Leilá (ACCEPTED)
« on: December 31, 2017, 07:35:03 pm »
1. What is your character's name, realm, level, class and spec?

51 Rogue, all specs, most-likely outlaw with the new rogue set bonus

Aliaz, 110 Demonhunter, Havoc

Aaliyah, 110 Druid, Resto/Guardian

2. What activities or goals do you focus on in World of Warcaft?

I am currently in search of a legitimate and sociable guild that pushes high end content such as mythic raids and keystones. I have switched over from my previous guild on Stormscale (The Omen: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/azuremyst/The+Omen) due to the leader having to quit and move on from wow which led to a bunch of others leaving the guild and transferring servers and now i haven't got many to play with which i really miss.

3. How did you find out about our guild? Do you know anyone in the guild who would vouch for your application?

I searched on google for 'good guilds to join on argent dawn' and found that you're in the top 50 in wow progress for the server just like my old guild. I then proceeded to whisper Izadorra (who was online at the time) and she or he told me to apply through this website. I also have heard of this guild on Twitch and YouTube. No, i wouldn't know anyone in the guild.

4. Please tell us a about yourself. How old are you? Do you go to school or do you have job? How did you get into World of Warcraft? Which days of the week or times of the day are you usually online? Do any of your family or friends play the game? If you prefer not to share personal information on a public forum it's not a problem.

My name is Solomon, i am an 18 year old who lives in the UK and currently attends University studying international development and geography. I have been playing wow since cataclysm and i have really enjoyed my time on this game. I currently play this game almost everyday for about 5-7 hours but it gets lonely. Only up until last year i used to be part of a guild on Stormrage (The Omen) which is dead right now due to the guild master having to move on in life and a lot of the people i played with there decided to leave and move on also which sucks. I then stopped playing for about 3 months and now i'm back. I really enjoyed being part of a guild that cared for one another and i thought i'd shoot my shot at joining a legitimate guild. I've come to realise that this game is far better when playing with friends and that's what i'm really hoping for! My main aim is to continue playing this game whilst also having the chance to push high mythic raids and keys for wow progress rating. I would class myself as a semi-hardcore wow player. I am also planning to boost this to 110 as soon as its 60 and make this my new main considering i have main-ed a rogue for 3 years. :)

5. What are you looking for in a guild?

Friendly and fun atmosphere, communication(*) and seriousness in terms of high end progression.

6. Do you like pie? If you do, which kind is your favourite?

i wouldn't say i'm into sweet things i'm more of a savory kind of guy so if i had to choose a pie  it'd have to be steak and stout pie.  :)

7. OPTIONAL: If you're into Role Playing and would like to add an In Character application please do so here.
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Re: [Social Application] - Leilá (PENDING)
« Reply #1 on: January 01, 2018, 03:26:11 pm »
Hi there Aliaz.

Before I accept your application, I'd like to have a chat with you to clear up some questions I have about your application. :)

Please contact me when you have the time, you can find the means to contact me here. http://immortalisguild.com/?page_id=95

/ Kazyra.


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Re: [Social Application] - Leilá (PENDING)
« Reply #2 on: January 01, 2018, 06:54:57 pm »

Just to add to this - we don't raid Mythic level any more (not since Pandaria), but we instead aim to finish HC each tier - however, if you are looking for a raid team spot, you need to make a special raiding application instead.

We have plenty of people running M+ keystones each week though, so if thats where you're interest most lies, then that would suit ok.



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Re: [Social Application] - Leilá (PENDING)
« Reply #3 on: January 03, 2018, 05:04:47 pm »
So after our chat I have accepted your application! I will send you some guild information in a PM, poke any offcer for a invite.

Welcome to Immortalis!


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Re: [Social Application] - Leilá (ACCEPTED)
« Reply #4 on: January 03, 2018, 05:36:44 pm »
Thank you! Looking forward to being part of the guild and meeting new people!   :)