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Author Topic: Social Application - Hlídskjalf (ACCEPTED)  (Read 226 times)


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Social Application - Hlídskjalf (ACCEPTED)
« on: December 05, 2018, 09:39:34 pm »
1. What is your character's name, realm, level, class and spec?


2. What activities or goals do you focus on in World of Warcaft?

Nowadays i am more of a casual player. farming mounts, legacy raids, mythic dungeons...

3. How did you find out about our guild? Do you know anyone in the guild who would vouch for your application?
ll  i noticed this guild via watching you tube, taliesin and evitel and looked this guild in wowprogress because i wanted to know imore about it.

4. Please tell us a about yourself. How old are you? Do you go to school or do you have job? How did you get into World of Warcraft? Which days of the week or times of the day are you usually online? Do any of your family or friends play the game? If you prefer not to share personal information on a public forum it's not a problem.

hi my rl name is  Dries, i  am 36 years old. i work as a technician for heating installations. i once started WoW back in 2004 together with my wife. and still playing together. we mostly play at evenings. allmost every day.

5. What are you looking for in a guild?

As my old (dutch) guild split up i am looking for making new friends in a mature inviroment. but now i want to go to a fun english guild. This guild looks great :D. i've spoken a person and he/she was so kind that my decision was made easy

6. Do you like pie? If you do, which kind is your favourite?

i like it but i did quit sugar so pie is out of the question now ;))

7. OPTIONAL: If you're into Role Playing and would like to add an In Character application please do so here.

tbh i am verry interested in RP but afraid to start it hehe...
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Re: social aplication hlídskjalf (ACCEPTED)
« Reply #1 on: December 09, 2018, 10:21:59 am »

Your application has been accepted. Poke any officer for a guild invite!
I'll send you a PM with more information about guild life.

Welcome to Immortalis!