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Author Topic: Raider Application - Sylassa (Accepted for Raid Trial)  (Read 277 times)


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Raider Application - Sylassa (Accepted for Raid Trial)
« on: December 08, 2018, 09:49:56 pm »
1. What is your character's name, level, class, spec and off-spec? Please provide a link to your profile on the armory.
Sylassa, 120, Havoc Demon Hunter / Vengeance Demon Hunter

2. What activities or goals do you focus on in World of Warcaft?

I like to casual raid and do the occasional mythic dungeon, leveling multiple characters, doing old raid content for xmog stuff and I like to roleplay.

3. How did you find out about our guild? Do you know anyone in the guild who would vouch for your application?
Already in the guild as Sylassa and Nylienn!

4. Have you applied to any other guilds right now? Do you play any characters in other guilds and/or on other servers?
I have not applied to any other guilds, the only guilds that I would consider applying to would be roleplay based guilds for my alts and not for raiding!

5. Please tell us a about yourself. How old are you? Do you go to school or do you have job? How did you get into World of Warcraft? Which days of the week or times of the day are you usually online? Do any of your family or friends play the game? If you prefer not to share personal information on a public forum it's not a problem.

Hey there! I'm 27 years old and while I'm not employed currently I'm looking to be in the future! I went to college for art but decided it wasn't for me, so I'm saving up money to eventually go into one to learn about archeology. I got into warcraft initially by my partner, who had been begging me to play it. I finally did during late Legion and man, I didn't know what I was missing! I love the game and even though I started relatively new I've already done so much work, from getting Loremaster to completing the Mage Tower challenge, I want to do it all! I live in the US even though I play on EU servers, so I'm usually on around the afternoon and evening, but I'm there nearly every day.

6. Do you like pie? If you do, which kind is your favourite?

Pumpkin pie!

7. Optional: If you're not into role playing it's not a problem and you may skip this part. If you're into role playing and would like to add an In Character application please do so here.
I am into roleplaying quite a bit, however I do not have any characters that I wish to roleplay with on this guild.


If you're not sure how to answer certain questions just say so. We don't bite. Much.

8. If you have an off-spec, how well geared are you for that spec?
I have a Tank offspec although I’m not sure how well geared I am for it – I’m also not familiar with tanking as a Demon Hunter so I would like to avoid it as much as possible!

9. Our raid team raids from 2000hrs server time to 2300hrs server time on Thursdays and Sundays. Can you make both raids every week?
I sure can try! I may have therapy on some Thursdays, although I will actively try to schedule on other weekdays. Sundays are always available for me (excluding holidays of course)

10. Please explain in short what benefits your class & specs can bring to a raid? What consumables do you use for raiding?

I can provide burst damage and can also hit for a decent amount of base damage!
Flasks: Flask of the Current 
Food: Spiced Snapper/Bountiful Captain’s Feast
Potions: Coastal Healing Potion
Other: Battle-Scarred Augment Rune and Auto Hammers for when people need them!

11. What is your raiding experience? Which bosses have you cleared in Normal, Heroic or Mythic Mode? What was your progress through raids in previous expansions, if any, and did you raid those when they were relevant?
Have you switched raiding mains or your mainspec for this expansion?

Legion was my first expansion in World of Warcraft. During that time I did up to Heroic Emerald Nightmare, The Nighthold, Tomb of Sargeras and Antorus. I managed to get Ahead of the Curve on Antorus with PuG groups (which is really shocking to me honestly). I’ve tried a bit of Timewalking raids as well, I completed the Black Temple (for the Warglaive of Azzinoth transmog) and Ulduar.

For BFA I have completed Uldir on normal and am looking to get into a group to do heroic runs. I want to raid to get better.

12. If available please provide World of Logs / WarcraftLogs / Mr.Robot links or link screenshots (for example Recount or Skada) of your raid performance in this expansion.
Not currently available

13. Please link a screenshot of your User Interface during a raid. A screenshot of your character attacking target dummies is not acceptable. We want to see your UI during raid combat - step into LFR if you need to.

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Re: Raider Application - Sylassa
« Reply #1 on: January 11, 2019, 12:11:56 pm »
Sorry Syl I hadn't seen this! Been on a bit of a pseudo break atm, happy to have you join as a trial!


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Re: Raider Application - Sylassa (Accepted for Raid Trial)
« Reply #2 on: January 21, 2019, 06:15:13 am »
Ahh thats ok! Thank you so much for the accept, can't wait to raid with you guys :D