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Author Topic: Social Application - Muffelin (ACCEPTED)  (Read 119 times)


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Social Application - Muffelin (ACCEPTED)
« on: February 12, 2019, 07:13:57 pm »
1. What is your character's name, realm, level, class and spec?
My main character on Argent Dawn is Muffelin, a 120 Hunter (any spec, usually marksman). I may also transfer Debyear, my 120 Monk (usually mistweaver), from Outland.


2. What activities or goals do you focus on in World of Warcaft?
I mostly do BGs, world quests (often solo in warmode), islands, etc., but sporadically M+, normal raiding and RBGs on various characters. My partner recently started playing WoW and we have gotten into pet battles together, so pet collection/leveling/questing has actually been my most tangible goal in the game lately. Gear has become relatively bland and interchangeable, but a new pet can actually be quite exciting in its own context, considering how it might synergise with others - almost like a Legion legendary!

3. How did you find out about our guild? Do you know anyone in the guild who would vouch for your application?
I actually bumped into Nick and Camile from the guild at a London pub last week, and they recommended Immortalis! I really appreciate the guild's reputation for maturity and friendliness.

4. Please tell us a about yourself. How old are you? Do you go to school or do you have job? How did you get into World of Warcraft? Which days of the week or times of the day are you usually online? Do any of your family or friends play the game? If you prefer not to share personal information on a public forum it's not a problem.
I am a 26-year-old PhD student in evolutionary genetics. I played WoW from February 2005 until late Wrath, then quit until the beginning of Legion. While I have a lot of nostalgia for Classic and TBC, I also love the game now and feel like it has aged with me - spamming trade chat to fill a BRD group was charming, but if I had to do that now I would never have time to do a dungeon. I am online for a couple hours most days, but my work makes it hard to predict when (often I have to stay late in the lab). This has made it hard to commit to a raid team, for instance. Tuesday and Wednesday evenings are probably most reliable. As I mentioned, my partner recently started playing, and will probably make her own application to the guild soon.

5. What are you looking for in a guild?
I'm looking for a community to share enthusiasm for WoW and possibly find groups for things like RBGs. I am particularly interested in doing more RBGs (I used to do more rated PvP back in TBC-WotLK as a destruction warlock).

6. Do you like pie? If you do, which kind is your favourite?
Apple, followed by pumpkin.

7. OPTIONAL: If you're into Role Playing and would like to add an In Character application please do so here.
I've been too intimidated to get into RP, but I grew up playing D&D and like the idea - part of why I play on Argent Dawn is to see other people doing it! I have a TRP3 profile and have RPed a bit as a Pandaren yak herder when approached by random people.
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Re: Social Application - Muffelin (ACCEPTED)
« Reply #1 on: February 14, 2019, 03:08:01 pm »

Your application has been accepted. Poke any officer for a guild invite!
I'll send you a PM with more information about guild life.

Welcome to Immortalis