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Author Topic: Social Application - Lorn (ACCEPTED)  (Read 102 times)


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Social Application - Lorn (ACCEPTED)
« on: March 30, 2019, 11:07:24 pm »
(1. What is your character's name, realm, level, class and spec?)

Hello, Lorn here!

I am a level 120 Beast Master orientated hunter, of the void elf family tree. I recently moved to Argent Dawn, following my RL wifey over from Moonglade.
You can find my details etc here:


(2. What activities or goals do you focus on in World of Warcraft?*)

Well these days I have sort of been floundering. When having an active spell in WoW, I like to do plenty of things - Archaeology, pet collecting (some battling), mount and achievement hunting too, of course. I am an engineer and miner, so when out and about my gadgets help keep me moving as I find those PreCiOuS mineral veins ;D Time Walking dungeons are fun, as are the many different dungeon and battlegrounds these days: Island Expeditions can be alright if you're looking to try your luck for some pets or a mount.

As for goals, I'd really like to get some help to run a few mid-level mythic dungeons, would be fun as I have neglected doing them even once a week for the weekly chest! The same goes for raiding; I've hardly touched them at all this expansion  :-X PVP wise, I enjoy it, I'm smert and can listen to orders, have a headset too. arenas are too stressy for me I think, but if theres some random BGs going on, I;d be happy to join when I can!

(3. How did you find out about our guild? Do you know anyone in the guild who would vouch for your application?)

I found out about Immortalis via the wifey actually (her characters name is Asha) - who had come across a channel one day on YouTube by Taliesin & Evitel. I think we binge-watched like 20 episodes that day, and have kept up with the streams!
A few days ago, perhaps Weds 27, I whispered Feraanir I believe it was, and told them that I understood the applications were closed, but having recently transferred from MG>AD I was wondering if my application would still be considered as Asha is part of the guild. They instructed me to come here and, after a few days of pestering...errr.... reminding me to do this app, here it is! :)

(4. Please tell us a about yourself. How old are you? Do you go to school or do you have job? How did you get into World of Warcraft? Which days of the week or times of the day are you usually online? Do any of your family or friends play the game? If you prefer not to share personal information on a public forum it's not a problem.)

So behind the screen, I'm Paul, 35 years old. I'm originally from Yorkshire, England, but have been living in Finland now (Asha is Finnish) for over 8 years now. Originally, I got into WoW as I happened to be working at GAME back in 2004. I was in a winter job (during the winter break as a holiday rep... bit of a contrast in jobs I know!) and had only been working there a few days when a group of young teens came in talking about it. Bought it that day and was hooked from there  :P Back to the present day, I am unable to work but my schedule varies. It depends on whether my body allows me to be up and playing or not, so I might be online at 3am, then back whenever I've finished my beauty sleep. And trust me, I need a LOT of that :D Oh, my sister still plays on Moonglade, and we have a few friends on various servers.

(5. What are you looking for in a guild?)

Well I'd like to just find somewhere I can fit in essentially; somewhere you can log on and feel welcomed in to a relaxed atmosphere that knows how to have some fun, whether that's going to do some dungeons/raid/pvp together or a laugh in the guild chat :) y'know, bit of socialising hehe

6. Do you like pie? If you do, which kind is your favourite?

Well, depends, is it a sweet or savoury type of pie? D: I think I will go with either a chippy cheese and onion pie, has to have the chips and gravy mind... :P

7. OPTIONAL: If you're into Role Playing and would like to add an In Character application please do so here.

I'm interested in RP but am more of a "oh I see some folks RPing, I'll join in for a moment if it seems appropriate" then head off again. I don't tend to sign up for RP events or anything like that.

Thank you guys for taking the time to read all of this, I do tend to waffle.... so sorry! Hope to hear from you guys soon. Best wishes!
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Re: Social Application - Lorn (ACCEPTED)
« Reply #1 on: April 08, 2019, 11:27:14 am »

Your application has been accepted. Poke any officer for a guild invite!
I'll send you a PM with more information about guild life.

Welcome to Immortalis