IC Information

Previously a Draenic scouting unit, Immortalis is now mainly a private military order in service of the Alliance, composed of members from all its races and from various backgrounds. The units within Immortalis actively work to ensure the safety of the general population, and are supported by a skilled research team, craftsmen and other members keeping the order running on a day to day basis.

With respect to its history, the structure of the order is still based in its Draenic roots but has evolved to suit a life on Azeroth with human leadership. As such, the long term path of the order is decided by the Primarch, Zelcandor Stormdrake, with advice from the Exarch Council. While their official duty is now to the Alliance, the Exarch council is heavily focused on finding ways to fight the agents of the Old Gods and any other threat to Azeroth.

The base of operations is the Immortalis Archives and its entrance is relocated to suit the needs of the order. It is currently located in the Temple of the Jade Serpent in the Jade Forest of Pandaria, though Immortalis is in the process of relocating to a newly established garrison in Dalaran, in order to be closer to the battle against the Legion on the Broken Isles.