How to Join Our Community


You can join Immortalis at level 1 (though be aware that Pandaren characters must first finish their starting zone and choose a faction), but you need to:

      • Be age 18 or over in real life.
      • Know what Role Playing is (you don’t have to role play but you have to know what it is and respect the RP rules of the server).
      • Have a name appropriate for an RP server (if you’re not sure about this, use this handy random name generator or contact an Officer).
      • Understand and accept the code of conduct for our community.


If you intend to raid with us, you must meet or exceed the following additional requirements:

      • A reliable internet connection.
      • The ability to log onto Curse and have a working mic – Progression Raiding requires communication.
      • A willingness to install the specific AddOns that we use for our Raids.
      • Viable PvE talent spec.
      • Viable PvE gemming and enchants.
      • Have a positive attitude, willingness to be the best you can be at your role and a dedication to the team.


You’ll need to set up an account to use our forums and post an application:

      • Register on our forum (please use the name of your character as your forum username).
      • Activate your account via the email you’ll receive.
      • Please use the application template for social applicants if you’re applying as a social member or use the application template for raider applicants if you’re applying to raid with us. You can copy the empty template and make a new post in our recruitment forum. Once you’ve posted your application, expect a reply within 24 hours.


Once you have joined our community we will send you a welcome PM with further information about the guild. As a new member you start off as Venator rank, which is a full member rank. You may join with an alt if you wish, just contact an officer.

Welcome to our community!