OOC Information

While mainly a PvE focused guild, Immortalis has always been RP friendly.

As a member of Immortalis, you’re not expected to RP but you must be respectful of those who do and their immersion in the game. On an RP server this means never using Out of Character speech in /say and /yell and following the RP server policies.

We have a relaxed atmosphere to accommodate for varying levels of experience and interest in roleplay. As such, we offer support if needed but we try not to limit the creativity of players or dictate how they should or shouldn’t RP. Immortalis has a flexible In-Character structure to make room for that creativity alongside a detailed and epic guild background guided by official storylines and world events.

Immortalis guild RP events are generally short, interactive and often incorporate other aspects of the game. They follow the guild storyline and, if there is interest, leave space for people to connect and develop their characters afterwards through more personal RP.

We see structured events as only part of a good RP environment, and highly encourage people to take initiative and create their own storylines. Our IC guild structure and rank system was created specifically for this purpose, giving people talking points, inspiration and reasons to interact.

(As of now, Immortalis have no current active Role Play going on or being planed. However we still remain on a respectfull attitude to the Argent Dawn Roleplaying community and expect our memebers too do the same.)

For more IC information about Immortalis you can find us on Argent Archives or check out our own Immortalis Archives.